February Goals

Happy February! I have a few goals set for the month and I wanted to share them with you. It's motivation for me to stick to these goals if I share 'em with you lovies!

* Send the package of crafts I am making for my Valentine's Day Swap partner.

* Finish one of the books Liz gave me for Christmas, The Mystery of Grace.

* Start and Finish the Book Club book (my pick!).

* Finish Shannon's Birthday gift.

* Figure out Jeremy's Birthday presents. I'm pretty sure I have it figured out, I just need to write it down and get it finalized.

* Figure out what I am going to make/give Shannon for her baby shower.

HELP: Shannon is my first friend to have a baby. Besides my step sister, Shannon is the first person I've known while pregnant. I just got the invitation to her baby shower and I am debating on what to make/give her. Should I just get something off the registery? Should I make something?! What do I make?! I don't want to be all presumtuous and give her a baby blanket which is my first instinct. I mean what if she has a family member who makes a baby blanket for her?! Can you have too many baby blankets?! I know that Shannon and her husband JP both really appreciate one of a kind, hand made gifts so that's not an issue. Is it rude to get something not on the registry? AHH!! I need your help friends!!

Thank you and here's to an Awesome February!!



Jamie said...

UGH!! Do you see how there's the white bit at the end of the little banner I made?!?! I forgot that would show up, I suck at this graphic stuff!!

Jessi said...

this months book club book for me was my pick too :)

Jamie said...

I started looking for my picks today and realized it has been 6 years that the girls and I have been getting together for Book Club! So awesome!!

The Fancy Lady said...

i'm kinda in the same boat with the baby gift thing except i'm also pretty broke at the moment so its tough i wanna make her a baby blanket but her moms making one but she said you can never have enough so i'm going to get her a small gift off the registry the blanket and make her some baby cookies

Jamie said...

I'm doing almost the same thing. I found an adorbale chevron pattern for a baby blanket that I am making for her with the PRETTIEST yarn!! Also, I'm going to get one or two small things off the regristry. A few people told me the same thing, you can't have too many baby blankets!