Tea Swap

Erin organized a Tea Swap last month that I just had to join. I love tea! Ever since I was in middle school I have loved tea. It's definitely my mom's fault, she's a huuuge tea drinker. The quintisential image I have of my mother is her snuggled up on the couch with a book and cup of tea. One of the most comforting things my mom used to yell from the kitchen was "Want me to make you some tea?" Whether I was sick, cold or just being lazy, I loved it. To this day I drink tea all the time. Mostly at night after dinner I'll have a big ol' mug. I kind of use it as a way of keeping myself from eating snacks and crap for dessert too.

I was partnered up with the lovely Tids. She's from England which automatically had me pretty stoked, I'd be getting tea from England!! I mean HELLO, what better place?! Then I thought about the fact that was I going to be sending her tea from freaking Pennsylvania?! Lame! So I was determined to find something good for her! I had her list of likes and dislikes in hand (well really in my notebook) and headed out on a tea hunt. I'm pretty satisified with what I got for her! There was a girl reorganizing the tea aisle while I was there and I'm pretty sure she must think I'm some kind of tea nut. I spent at least half an hour going back and forth between the two aisles talking to myself trying to decide what to get!

I also wanted to make her a little tea wallet. It's so perfect, you can carry four teabags around with you and you don't have to worry about them getting lost or all crummied up in your purse. Mine always end up getting crumpled and torn in the bottom of my purse! (the tea in this wallet is my own just for show, I didn't want to open the new boxes I got for her)
I definitely have to make one for myself, it's so cute and I found the perfect tutorial. I hope Tids enjoys what I sent her and I can't wait to find out what she sends me!



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