Fun Fact Friday #6

Describe your spouse (significant other).

I thought this would be a pretty perfect prompt to do what with all this Valentine's Day stuff flying around!

aka Jermish, Lover Face, Lover Lips, Lovey and Babe. Besides Jermish, how sappy are those pet names?! LOL! They all started as jokes. Like we were joking around being overly, annoyingly in love but they eventually just stuck. Oh and "babe" totally came from The Office Dinner Party episode!
He's 25 years old and his birthday is at the end of this month.

Jeremy is hands down the hardest worker I know. The only person I can think of that works harder than him is my dad. He truley loves his job. He is a machinist and has been since I think he was 16. He started in Vo-Tech at his high school and kept going with it. He's told me a few times how funny it is that he's a machinist. He wanted to take masonry (laying bricks, UGH!) but the class was full. They told him he had to pick something else and on a whim just picked machining. I actually didn't even know what machining was until I moved to PA. I never knew a machinist other than that Christian Bale movie. But out here I know a TON of machinists. My sisters ex boyfriend is a machinist. One of his friends is a machinst, he worked with Jeremy and that is how we met actually. Basically he takes big hunks of plastic (he can also work with metal but his shop manufactures plastic) and using different machines and tools he forms that plastic into a part. He makes all different kinds of parts. The two I remember the most are parts for the pulleys on cranes, those ginormous cranes that build bridges and sky scrapers and crap. Also, he makes parts for submarines. He's the group leader for the turning center (the department he works in) and I know that in a very short time he is going to be a supervisor. He loves that place, he gives 110% everyday and they love him. It's just a matter of time before he's running shit, hehe!

To go along with the hard worker thing, anything he does he likes to be THE BEST at. He started bowling a few years ago. His dad used to bowl all the time until he injured his bicep this past year so Jeremy joined the team as well. Just last month he had his first 500 series, TWICE! He also had his two highest scoring games. He bowls every Wednesday. I don't go anymore because it can be a little boring to watch. Plus it's time for him to hang out with his buddies. I sit at home crafting away and wait for him to tell me how he's doing so I can cheer him on, hehe! He also golfs. That was a new thing last year. He actually even went down to Florida with his best friend, Justin on a "Mancation" this past summer! He golfed for a few days with Justin and Justin's step dad. I only went to the driving range with him once and holy moses! My ribs were so sore the next day from all that twisting while swinging! He really wants me to golf for real, like 18 holes this year...we'll see!

He also went hunting for the first time this year. I'm not exactly a fan of that but I also can't tell him what to do. He's been hunting birds, pheasants and grouse to be exact. He knows I don't like it so I'm hoping once hunting season is over that he'll kind of forget about it. I don't know though, he works with one of the guys he goes with so...bleh!

He's extremely funny and laid back. I'm pretty sure everyone who meets him instantly likes him. He just has this way of making people laugh, he's just so big and loveable and says inappropriate shit all the time. It's one of the main reasons I love him. No matter how I'm feeling, he can make me laugh. I wish I could get a video of him doing his satchsquatch impression in the woods...oh it's priceless!

Jeremy is what I call "a fixer". Whenever something is wrong or someone needs something, he is the first one to be there. Whether it be just with some advice, an actual solution or literally fixing that broken chair, he's there. It's so reassuring to know he'll always be there for whatever I need!

Oh and he's one of the best dancers I know!!

Ok so I could literally keep going!! I'm sure you're the same way once you get on a role about your loved one.

Have an awesome Friday!


Fun Fact Friday Disclaimer:
I found
The Imagination Prompt Generator and loved the idea of writing posts based on its random prompts. Every Friday I will share a lil' something about myself based on these prompts. I see it as a means of sharing a bit more about myself with you! It will be a random topic or question and my responses will be pretty free form and random as well. I'll of course edit for spelling and punctuation but I want to just let it flow for the most part. I hope you enjoy and maybe even join in!

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