Movie Monday: The Grey on Date Night

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! My Saturday was pretty busy and Sunday I did a whole lot of nothing which I always love.

I volunteered to work some overtime on Saturday. This meant I had to be at work by 6AM so I could drive around a little golf cart in the warehouse and count pallets. Yup...count pallets. You know those plain whitewood pallets (I'm sure you've seen some awesome things people can do with them on Pinterest). The ones we had to count are different, they are painted blue and they can hold more weight. Every quarter there is an audit to see how many are in the warehouse vs. paid for...or something. It wasn't bad, easy work and I got free lunch out of it. Plus 6 hours of overtime pay.

While at work I texted Jeremy to ask what he wanted to do that night and his response was "Wanna go on a date?" Which of course I said yes to! Isn't he so cute?!

He always works 6-12 on Saturdays so after we both were out, we met at my apartment and napped. Once we woke up and showered we headed out for dinner. We went to Liu's Sushi House which has the most aaahhhmazing sushi!! Seriously, all I talk about the whole time I'm eating is how delicious it is!
We were going to the 9:50pm movie of The Grey but after we ate dinner we had almost 2hours to kill. (We were orignally going to get Hibachi which always takes a while so we gave ourselves lots of time between dinner and the movie. However, the Hibachi place was packed and we didn't want to wait that long to be seated.)

The movie theater we were going to is right next to Cottage Crafters which I convinced Jeremy we could kill lots of time in. Now I don't know if you have one of these near you, there's one in Allentown and then one a few towns over in Easton so I don't know if it's a chain thing or what. If you don't, you are missing out! There are so many awesome things in there. Local people can rent little booths to sell their handmade items in. There is also an entire area of antiques and things on sale. Some of them you can buy right away while others are part of a silent auction that runs for the whole month. If you want to bid on an item that is on silent auction, you are assigned a number and then you write down on the cards attached to each item how much you want to pay for it. At the end of the month, the winner is notified. I've never actually done that but it sure seems like fun! Anyway, they were closed =( There's a hardware store right near there too so Jeremy wanted to go in there and look around. Since I had planned on forcing him to mill around crafts and old crap for an hour, I figured it was only fair that I mill around and look at tools with him for an hour. After we were done there we still had some time so we just sat in the car and talked and watched you tube videos. Have you heard of these Epic Meal Time guys? Someone just told Jeremy about it so we watched some of their videos. He thought it was hilarious, after the 3rd one I was pretty much over it!
Eventually it was time for the movie!

In case you don't know, the movie stars Liam Neeson and the premise is that a bunch of guys who work on an oil rig in Alaska are on a plane headed back to Anchorage when it crashes! Only a handful of them survive the crash but that isn't the end of their problems. A pack of wolves sees them as intruders and are hunting them, trying to pick the men off one by one! Liam Neeson's chracter, Ottway quickly becomes the leader because A. his job on the oil rig was to watch for and kill wolves so he knows a lot about their behavior. And B. he just doesn't give a shit! He's going to do what he needs to do to survive, he is able to keep his calm and focus on what they need like shelter, fire, food, etc. while the others are all in the midst of freaking out. The men realize after a day and one of them being killed by a wolf in the night that they need to start walking. They have no real protection in the hull of the crashed plane and no one is going to find them. They head for the tree line they can see hoping it will give them more protection from the wolves. Well it was one hell of a walk in a freaking blizzard and not all of them even survive that. There is a terrifying wolf chase and once they are in the forrest you can hear the wolves howling all around! Ottway has them start fires around the area they are going to camp in for the night. They also carve big sticks into spears and then tape shotgun shells on the end aka A Wolf Stick haha! Apparently if you are able to jam the stick into the wolf, it will explode? I don't know if that would really work but it was very MacGyver of him! There are some tensions between the men but this night they talk to each other. You know, that touching "we're all probably gonna die" kind of talk; about their families, lives, etc.
The next day they keep walking and they even have to basically tight rope off this giant cliff across a ravine into another part of the forrest. There are more wolf attacks, more fights between the men, more injuries, and a hell of a lot more walking. There was also a theme throughout the movie that the survivors carry the wallets of the dead back to their families. They took them off those who died in the crash and then from each one who died on the journey. At the very, very end Ottway is looking through all the wallets. I got all teary eyed at this part. I mean you just saw these men as big burly, assholes who work on an oil rig. Then you see pictures of them with their kids, kissing their wives, loving their life, etc. and now they're all dead. I won't tell you the very end because I totally recommend this movie but Ottway is faced one on one with the alpha wolf and he does not plan to go down without a fight! He tapes a knife to one hand and some broken bottles to the other one. Baadasss!

It was such a good movie! I was on the edge of my seat almost the whole time. There were even a few times I yelped out loud and grabbed on to Jeremy. I totally recommend it, it was a perfect date!

PS...this couple brought their two kids...and by kids I mean an infant and a little boy who looked about 4 years old!! Who does that?!

Have a great Monday!


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