I'm Mad

As you may or may not remember, I participated in the Oh Strumpets Valentine's Day Craft swap. I showed you last week that I sent my partner a few stuffed heart ornaments and bunting, you can see it all here in case you missed them.

Saturday I got an envelope in the mail with a card that had an image smaller than the card itself taped to the front, with two stickers stuck on either side and a bunch stuck to the inside with a random Far Side comic. I can't even use these stickers if I wanted to because they are already used now. The Love pennant is cute. On the post-it-note included my partner said she is "not a crafty person" but hopes I will enjoy the stickers. I guess they are nice to look at. My main issue here...WHY WOULD YOU JOIN A CRAFT SWAP IF YOU ARE NOT A CRAFTY PERSON?!?!?!?!?

Now for the most part I try to keep things positive on this little blog o' mine. I find that in blogland everyone is generally happy and positive...or I should say that's generally the part everyone blogs about. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. There's tons of shit in life that sucks so why put even more energy into writing and posting about it? Just to drag it out...I get it, it's not always a great idea. Today however, I am mad and I am going to talk about it.

I am mad that I spent time, money, my coupons and energy to make those felt heart ornaments. I spent time at Joann's looking for the felt and coordinating fabric, cutting out the stencil, cutting the felt and fabric pieces out, embroidering the back and sewing them together...3 times. I am mad that I spent time in Joann's looking for cute Valentine's Day fabric to make the bunting. I cut out all those triangles, sewed them together, attached them to the bias tape, cut out the felt hearts and stuck them on. I am mad that a few times I even second guessed myself whether I had put enough effort into these crafts for my partner. I'm mad I spent time writing a letter to my partner to include in the package. I'm mad that I looked forward to going to the mailbox every day waiting for my swap package. I am mad that I am now jealous when I look in the Flickr group and see what everyone else got, instead of being happy for them.

I know that when joining swaps there is a risk that you may not get something you like, well made or even anything at all. Of all the swaps I've participated in through other blogs, private and organized ones on Craftster and Swap-bot that's never happened to me though. I always appreciate when someone gives me something hand made. This sucks though. I even feel bad saying that like I'm not allowed to be mad or something. After thinking about it and talking to Jeremy and some twitter pals, I think I'm justified. I got screwed and it sucks. I made some awesome things for someone and she gave me something that looks like it was thrown together 20 minutes before she put it in the mail box.

So...I'm mad and even a little hurt about the whole thing.

Thanks for listening.



Vintage Love and Photographs said...

:( This has happened to me a few times on swapbot. People's idea of their crafty 'talent' varies =/ But a few times I've received far better than I sent out and I felt bad.

Amy said...

I'm mad for you!!!!
What you sent was AWESOME! I would have LOVED to receive that, and I would have been so nervous about what I would send you because of how awesome it is. I know how it feels to get screwed in swaps. My first swap on Craftster was a HUGE dud. I literally cried over all the work I put into it and didn't get in return. It's so upsetting when that happens.
Normally I can look at crafts and say, "Well, It's not the best put together, but I can see that they tried" and chock it up to a bad experience. But to sign up for a craft swap and to get that in return? Nothing is homemade, and the stickers aren't even usable.
I want to send you a package to make up for it, because that's seriously disappointing. :(
I'm so sorry. That really sucks. You should just remember that you gave her something amazing, and chances are, she feels bad about it. You certainly didn't deserve it. :(

AmyLynn said...

Oh man, I'm glad to have read that entry. Of the swaps I've done, I had accumulated quite a pile of purchased goodies. The purpose of crafty swaps is to MAKE goodies, not buy them. So, a lot of those things were sent to my niece for her birthday, sadly because they were age appropriate for a soon to be 2 year old.