I finished it!! (Mature Content)

Warning: You probably dont want to look at this while at work, or in front of the kids!

Finally, after literally a year, I have finished this ginormous cross stitch!!! It felt so good to be done with it, I couldn't stop smiling!
Now I will preface this to let you know that I do realize this is kind of a really weird thing to cross stitch and give to my boyfriend. When we've talked about houses and our dream homes and what not, we both have two specific "wants". I want a craft room...not just a craft area like I've always had. I want a room! I want to feel cozy in my craft room instead of having my craft area where I house all my stuff and then I end up sitting in the living room crafting.
He wants a "Garage Mahal". His good friend has his entire garage redone into basically a Man Cave. There's carpet on the floor, a big screen tv, surround sound, stereo system, all his DVDs and music. It is decorated how he likes with skulls and beer mirrors, movie posters, hot chics on posters, etc. I have to say, it is pretty sweet.
So one day I thought I should make something for him that he would actually want in his "Garage Mahal" rather than feel obligated to have in there because I made it for him. (Although the XBox cross stitch could work in there too.)
I got this pattern from Crotch Stitch on Etsy last year with the intent to give this to Jeremy last Christmas. Obviously that didn't happen but I am so so happy to be able to give it to him this year!!
One thing I did learn...I will never, NEVER again attempt a cross stitch this size. Maybe not even half the size!
It is 100 x 100....10,000 stitches! I didnt even do full Xs, I just did / otherwise that would be 20,000 stitches, ugh!!
So without further adeu here is the big ass cross stitch!

For size comparison...

Here is a close up of the stitches so you can see how many there truly are and the different color changes.

Whew!! I can't believe I'm, actually done with this thing. It feels so good to finish something I started so long ago. Now I am on the hunt for the perfect frame!


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Amy said...

WOW! That's crazy impressive! I love it though, and it sounds like he perfect thing for a Man Cave!