It's Christmas Time!!

I've always really liked Christmas. I love all the decorating and lights and I do love to give gifts. I am a self proclaimed "awesome gift giver". I like to think that I put a lot of thought into every gift I give. I try to give as many handmade gifts either made by myself or someone else instead of commercial crap that anyone could have as possible. I realize the point of Christmas is not the gifts. For me though, all the thought and time that goes into each gift is the point.

We've always had a real tree and a pretty big one at that. From when I was little and my parents were still married, to when we lived with just my Mom in the condo and went to my Dad's for the holidays and even when Jessie and I lived together. It just doesn't seem like Christmas if you don't have a giant tree covered in lights and ornaments.
This year however, I did not know what I would do in my tiny little apartment. There is literally nowhere I could fit a big tree. I've always been anti fake trees even though my allergies act up having a real one in the house.
However, this year I decided the only logical thing I could do was get a little fake tree.
I got this one pretty cheap and already strung with lights which was a plus. I didn't have any small ornaments at first so it has been up for about a week sans ornaments.
I also really love to decorate the outside of my house. Having a deck in all our condos/apartments was the perfect place to wrap garland and lights. I have a front porch but it is shared by my two other neighbors and I have a fire escape but no socket so...
I decided to string lights all around my big window. I actually like this more because not only does everyone on the street get to see them but I do too!

Here is a picture of the first night after decorating and putting up the little tree and lights.

This is my favorite ornament! A little Elvis snowman!

And here my tree is now with all the little red and silver ornaments I bought.

It's so cozy and Christmasy in my apartment now!

Ps - I'll be back to announce the Giveaway winner at 4:00 EST this afternoon so you still have time to get a comment in!


Amy said...

The window looks BEAUTIFUL! I'm sure it's jfust as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. And WHERE, oh WHERE did you get the Elvis snowman?! I need it!

Jamie said...

I got him as a gift either last year or the year before and I can not for the life of me remember who gave him to me!