Woodland Creatures!

Man I have been a busy bee with finishing Christmas gifts! I found all these adorable patterns by Crafty Alien and decided to make my sister a few of the Backyard Critters.
She loves woodland creatures, I think it's because of all the Disney movies but I'm not sure. I mean she wants a squirrel as a pet for crying out loud!

First up is this little fox!
He's so tiny!

Look at that face!!

And that tail!!

Then I decided he would need a friend...meet Mr. Beaver.

Here the two friends are together!

There are so many adorable little patterns on Crafty Alien, I am definitely going to be making more in the future!
I really love Christmas and making gifts for people but I can not wait to relax and actually make something for myself again.
(I'm thinking a granny square blanket, eek!)



alovelylittleworld said...

That fox is adorable. I wish I knew how to do that :(
Nice job!

artichoke said...

Aw, cute!

Jamie said...

thanks!! she has them sitting on her desk at work now LOL

Mandy said...

these are super cute! i love the fox looks like my baby boy ~ he's a dog but looks so much like a fox someone once asked me if he was a dog crossed with a fox.... yeah! lol

Jamie said...

thanks mandy! what kind of dog is he?! he is probably sooo cute!