Cuckoo Clock!

Hello Everyone!

I feel like it's been forever that I've posted but I just looked at the date and it's only been a week. I guess the holidays made it feel like a lot more time has passed.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and spent time with your family, friends and all your loved ones. I know I did! I've noticed as I am getting older and because I live far from home and most of my family that I really appreciate the time I get to spend with them. I still really hate how far I live from my Dad and my cousins =(
I got a lot of amazing and thoughtful presents but the most amazing of all is the cuckoo clock Jeremy got for me!!
My friends and he joke that I'm like an old lady. I like old stuff, I crochet, I don't know...apparently I'm like an old lady. So a few weeks ago I text him to let him know that I will have cuckoo clocks one day, just to add to my old ladyness. I've always loved grandfather clocks, my great grandparents have a beautiful one that I loved even as a kid. I was at a craft/auction store a few weeks ago and saw this giant, beautiful cuckoo clock. It was a ton of money but I fell in love...and that's where it started.
A couple weekends ago Jeremy went to the city (NYC) to visit a friend and let me know that he was on a scavenger hunt all day looking for my gift. I had no idea what he could possibly be getting for me. Then he told me he finally found "the one" and bought it from "a shady Russian guy on Bleeker St. who insulted him" Haha!!
We exchanged gifts at his Dad's house on Christmas Day (except the Big Ass Xstitch which I gave him Christmas Eve at my apt because I wasn't sure his Aunt, Grandmother and little cousins would appreciate it very much). On a side note, I don't think I've made anything that he was so impressed with. He couldn't get over the amount of stitches in that thing and how long it took. He seriously stared at it for 15 minutes just looking at all the little stitches. He brought it to his Dad's house anyway but left it in the car and asked his Dad to go outside with us when we were leaving so he could show him. His Dad kept asking me all these questions about how I made it; how much thread did I use, how long did it take, where did I get the picture, etc.! I kind of got embarrassed, I feel weird talking about the things I make for some reason.
However, it was really gratifying to see Jeremy appreciate how much time and effort I put into something for him. That's not to say he doesn't appreciate everything I make him but he was really impressed with this!
Anyway...this is the beautiful, German cuckoo clock Jeremy gave me!!

This is the rabbit on the lefthand side.

This bird is on the right side.

And here is Mr. Cornelius Cuckoo(yes I named him.)

I had this sitting on my dresser since Christmas waiting for Jeremy to help me hang it up and show me how to set it (it takes almost a whole day to get the time right because you have to keep adjusting the leaf to make it go slower or faster). Last night I couldn't take it anymore and hung it up myself. It's right in my hallway and looks so cute!
Two things I learned about cuckoo clocks that I did not know...
A. The chains are super long when the pinecones are pulled up to the clock! Seriously long, they touch the floor!
B. Those pinecones are super heavy, I'm talkin' so heavy that if dropped one on my toe, I'm pretty sure it'd break!

I am madly in love with this clock and just kept going out into the hallway to look at it! I am so lucky to have such a thoughtful boyfriend!!


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Amy said...

I love cuckoo clocks! I'm SOOOO jealous of you right now! That's seriously awesome!