One more Kitty

I had made these two other Domestic Kitties for Jessie a few months ago. In reality I started them all a long time ago but never finished them.
Her one main Christmas present that she asked for this year was an apron. My sewing machine was sort of broken until Sunday so I had to come up with a back up plan in case I didn't get it fixed in time.
Luckily! I fixed it and felt pretty damn proud of myself that I was able to figure out what was wrong and then that I could fix it! (The feet that pull the fabric through the machine dropped down and the thing that I slide so that it pushes them back up, wasn't pushing them. So I just pushed them up and clicked them in place myself, yay!)
In the meantime I finished this kitty which was about 90% done. I just had to finish the scarf, ground and add a border.

Thanks for looking!

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Van said...

This is adorable! You did a good job!