Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm not much for romantic, Valentine's Day, commercial, forced mush. Never have been. Tonight I will be making a lovely dinner for Jeremy and I and we are watching a movie together.
Saturday night he and I had a wonderful date night. Date night is something he has started insisting on. I have no idea why or where it came from but I must say, it's pretty awesome. We ordered in and then went bowling. I seriously felt like we were on a second or third date, we had so much fun together. Not that we don't always have fun together but sometimes just being silly with the one you love is all you need. He stayed over and Sunday morning I made breakfast, we laid around watching Family Guy til after noon and then he went home.

I had started this cross stitch on the plane home from Vegas. I finished the birds a few days after I got home. I really wanted to add something more to it but couldn't think of anything. After such a lovey dovey weekend and Valentine's Day approaching, I decided that what these birds needed was a little more love! I looked through a different cross stitch book I checked out of the library a week or so ago. I found a heart/flower motif, altered it a bit and BAM...total Valentine's Day project!

These are the books I used.

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!



Trees said...

I love your valentines project - fantabulous!

Anonymous said...

Ooooooooo, those books look delightful! Not to mention that I love your lovebirds ! I love that you designed it yourself too!

Anonymous said...

D'aww, this is so lovely!
Lovely vintage feel to it :)

Jamie said...

Aww thanks for the sweet comments everyone!