Vegas Shirts!

So I got back from Vegas on Sunday...I will be posting some of my favorite pictures from the whole trip, hopefully tomorrow. It's rough getting all the pictures since there were 5 of us with cameras and phones! For now I wanted to show the shirts I made for all of us to wear.
I originally wanted to have the same theme for all of them but then make the ladies a little different and more personal for each of us. Well, in the beginning I had about a million ideas and was really excited about them. When it came down to actual execution, I ended up throwing things around my apartment out of frustration. It's REALLY hard to make a stencil of a person, to cut out just skinny outlines for the legs, arms, etc.
In the end I decided to go with a "Lady Luck" theme. I drew up the general design and then used a picture of the beautiful Bettie Page for the chic in the middle. Everything was cut out as a stencil except for the words and her actual facial features, those I painted on free hand.
I did both the freezer paper method and also used plastic sheets and spray adhesive. I like both methods equally but the plastic sheets are easiest for something small and that you will use multiple times, I used it for the chic in the middle.
I ended up doing the same thing on all the shirts, I like them...not love them. I think if I hadn't had all the grandiose ideas originally, I would like them more.
Oh well..

Here I am in the desert with the shirt on, we all wore them this day!



Amy said...

Aw, I love them!!
I hope you had fun in Vegas!!

Erin D said...

Whoa. Awesome shirts! You have amazing talent! Bettie is the bomb. <3

Jamie said...

Thank you!! I had tons of fun in Vegas, I am going to post pictures tomorrow...this snow and ice really jammed me up!