Instax #7

For my 7th picture in my 52 Instax in 52 Weeks project I decided to show you my obsession with lists!

You can't read the lists in the picture (which I'm happy about - specifically because two of them show my budget for last and this month). You can see my little notebook that I keep in my purse and make daily to do lists, lists of things I want to make, need to buy, etc. It's opened to the list of Jeremy's birthday presents and his birthday breakfast I plan to make. You can also see here a big notebook. I use that for my weekly to do lists, craft to do lists, etc. That stays at home on my dresser. There's also my budgets somewhere in there and my list of meals for the week. I think my list of Granny Squares is in there too.

I'm a lunatic about lists! If I don't write things down, I have a really hard time thinking about anything else. I learned this when I was younger. I have a ton of journals (16 to be exact) from the age of 17-23ish I would write almost every day. I learned that it really helped my stress and depression. I was able to reflect on things and really figure out who I am and why I think and act the way I do. Over time I stopped writing. It was about the time that I started crafting again. Crafting has become completely therapeutic for me and does the same thing writing once did. It helps me calm my brain, lowers my stress and just lets me focus and think things out. However, I still need LISTS!! If I don't write things down, I get very overwhelmed and worry that I will forget something. So I write it down. Plus, there's nothing quite like the feeling you get after you check something off your to do list!

Do you make lists?!



Courtney said...

I'm a total list person too! I have literally notebook full of lists (luckily when I go through them 90% of the items are crossed off!) Nothing makes me feel more accomplished then lists.

Erin D said...

I don't write lists, but I own waaaay too many journals, all half written in. Yeesh.

Jamie said...

Courtney- I used to just write lists on random pieces of of paper, a few months ago I decided to use little journals (I just love all the little journals available out there!!) And I've been keeping them too and looking back to see all the check marks LOL
Erin- A lot of my journals have a few blank pages at the end, I always was too anxious to start a new fresh one!

The Fancy Lady said...

i make lists alot im also obssessed with postits sometimes ill be laying in bed and trying to sleep and i wont be able to if i know i need to write something down lol i also keep a mini notebook on me at all times lol

Sarah Marie said...

I got hooked on LiveJournal for the same reasons, it helped me keep track of my life and work things out, allowing me to clear my head. I don't post as much on LJ, which I think is a good thing, although I still love writing :)

I need to start doing lists again. My sketchbook turns into my everything-book LOL

Nicole Coffin. said...

You HAVE to check this out:

I love your photo, and I love lists too. I'm super excited to do this 30 days of lists project in March...it's free (and simple!)!!!

Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

I am a crazy list person too - I couldn't survive without them!

Jamie said...

Fancy Lady - one of the main reasons I have to make lists is so I can sleep too! Otherwise I just think stuff over and over and over again!

Sarah - I tried that LiveJournal thing and just couldn't get into it, sometimes I just like handwritting and cross things out and checking and what not!

Nicole - thank you so much for that link!! I think I might do that once the indie 3.0 class I started is over. Between it and the Instax project I think I'd feel overwhelmed to take on something else. I do want to do it though...oh the call of the list LOL

Alicia - I would go crazy!