Apple Cider Vinegar

Since Sunday I have been majorly stuffed up. Like zero capability of breathing through my nose. I have terrible allergies, I am allergic to damn near everything. I take zyrtec every night and use a neti pot periodically. I don't know what exactly happened Sunday because the pollen count has only been about 7-8 out of 12. (I get an email every morning telling me the pollen count.) When it was the beginning of spring and the count was up to 11 or 12 some days I wasn't even as bad as I have been this week. I have a giant oak tree outside my house, it's right outside my window and I'm sure it's part of the problem. It's just blooming and budding all in my face!

So last night I was so miserable I decided I must have a sinus infection. I haven't had one in a few years but I used to get them all the time when I was a kid. I had polyps removed from my sinuses when I was 11 and that sucked! It was major surgery and I was out of school for 2 1/2 months, that part was pretty awesome though. I spent all day watching game shows with my Nana and eating her awesome grilled cheese sandwiches.
Anyway, last night I was miserable and Jeremy told me I need to make a doctor appointment to get this figured out. I didn't want to, I don't like going to doctors. It's a pain in the butt, it takes up my time, money, etc. I decided to Google some natural cures for possible sinus infections before submitting to a doctor. I found a bunch of stuff I already know about, breathing in steam, using a neti pot (which I have but was too stuffed to get the water up my nose), hot compress on your face, etc.
Something I've never heard of but had a ton of recommendations was to drink Apple Cider Vinegar. Turns out, I randomly have a bottle of it in my cupboard! I had to drink 2 tablespoons of it in 8 ounces of water. About half an hour later I was able to blow my nose and sooo much of the sinus pressure was relieved. I was completely blown away and amazed!! I've had this in my cupboard the whole time and never knew it could help so much. A few hours later I was pretty stuffed up again but it was nice for a while.
This morning I chugged another 8 ounce glass of water with 2 tablespoons of the ACV in it. Oh ps, it's pretty disgusting. Well...really disgusting but whatever, it helped and I just muscled through it! I've also been drinking 1/4 cup of the ACV diluted in 32 ounces of water throughout today. Again, it's disgusting and I really have to force myself to drink it but it is helping so much. I'm not 100% better, I'd say I'm at about 75% breathing ability. Which is better than nothing in my book. I can chug another small amount two more times today and then do it all over again for a few days.
Apparently the whole reason this works is that ACV thins your mucus which relieves the sinus pressure and helps you be able to blow your nose. Whatever the reason, I am now in love with this remedy!

I just wanted to share this with all you lovely kids. I know a lot of people suffer from allergies and this is such a cheap and easy (albeit disgusting) alternative to doctors and over the counter medicines.

In other news I'm going to Renegade tomorrow and I am sooo excited!! Have a great weekend darlings!



ThatGirl in Tattoos said...

Thank you for posting this! My husband got kicked in the eye years ago which fractured a bunch of stuff in his face and causes MAJOR sinus issues. Nothing helps, nothing. I'm definitely going to have him try this!

apockylypse said...

Thanks for sharing this remedy! I have never been told about it until now, & while it doesn't sound tasty...some days I will try anything to get to feeling better.

Jamie said...

You are both so, so welcome! Even though it's pretty gross, it has helped me so much and I'm so sorry I didn't know about this sooner!

Erin said...

Can't wait to see your Renegade re-cap. Renegade is the besttt.

Ashley said...

I wish I would have known that a few weeks ago! I finally got rid of my sinus infection for the most part - just a lingering stuffy nose from time to time.