My Ninni!

I participated in another swap over on Craftster that just finished up. This swap was to use the Monster Ninni pattern from Revoluzzza and customize it for your partner. I thought the Ninni was so cute as soon as I saw him! Normally I'm not one for super cute but these little guys were just too adorable to pass up! Plus I think one would be pretty awesome on my desk at work.
EDIT: He is now in his new home on my work desk =D

My partner made me SUCH an awesome Ninni! I fell in love with him the moment I opened the package. He's a bat and I'm sure you all know how much I love bats!!

AND what I didn't even notice at first is that on the back she stiched my favorite quote!!!! It is glow in the dark thread and even though when it glows it is totally visible, it would not photograph AT ALL!

She totally spoiled with me with some extra goodies too. Ribbon with adorable owls, two owl charms, these clear stamps (now I have the perfect excuse to buy ink!) and she made me a shrinky dink with the image that my favorite quote is from, a sketch by Francisco Goya. In her note she said she wanted to make this a bookmark for me and that it didn't come out how she planned. I really like it though and I think I am going to stick a magnet on the back of it and use it that way.

I am so happy I decided to join this swap and feel so spoiled by my partner. I am so in love with this little bat ninni, I just hope she likes what I made for her!



Meg Needles said...

I'm so jealous! I totally wanted to join that swap but knew I wouldn't have the time. (boo hiss) Your Ninni is amazing! Lucky!

Jamie said...

I just love him!! I think they are having a round 2 for the Ninni's, maybe you can get in on that one!

Erin Dawn said...

This is so awesome!!!! I want to attempt to make that little guy...with lobster claws :3

Jamie said...

You totally should! The pattern is free and soo easy plus lobster claws sound AMAZING!!

Trees said...

Envious! He is adorable - I love bats^^

Jamie said...

Me too!! I love that she was so creative to change his arms into wings!

Alicia (Sweet-a-Licious) said...

Adorable - I love the bat - how cute!!