7 Day Push

We all know that I love goals. I set them every month and I have ones set for the year. So when I saw my wonderful friend Ashley over at After Nine to Five making a call for people wanting to participate in a weekly challenge together, I jumped on board.

This all stemmed from Ashley and her husband implementing a "No Spend Week". After the success of that week and reflecting on everything she learned from it, Ashley thought "What else could one week do for me?". So the 7 Day Push was born!
In Ashley's own words, this is how the challenge will work;

"Every Sunday a new theme will go up. The challenge will run for seven days, Sunday to Saturday. Those that want to participate that week can link up and help inspire/motivate others that are taking on that week’s challenge. After the week is up, you can continue with it or you can stop doing it, but a new challenge begins."

The first week starts this Sunday, June 12th. The theme will be to exercise every day, for 7 days, for 15 minutes a day. This is so perfect for me personally because I have started exercising a little every night. I live a terribly sedentary life which A. is horrible just for my own health in general and B. even worse because of the injuries to my pelvis I sustatined in my accident. I really need to strengthen my back and core muscles to help with the pain.

SO! If you want to participate in this 7 Day Push head on over to Ashley's blog, After Nine to Five so you can read more about it. You can sign up for a newsletter to be informed of the challenges a week in advance and also to be included on the list of bloggers participating. I'm super excited about these challenges and really look forward to the motivation for and from my fellow bloggers!

I hope you join!



Ashley said...

YAY! So excited that you joined! Thanks so much for such a lovely post on the whole thing! It's really taking off.

You're the best!

Jamie said...

Of course! I'm really looking forward to it, I looove a good goal =D