More Grannies Received

I receieved more Granny Squares from my Craftster swap partners!!

These ones are from my partner, Indiecraft. I love the colors she chose and look how amazing that spiral one is!! I can't even fathom how to make that one, I love it!

I should have had these squares a week earlier but my mailman is such a douche sometimes. I was checking my Delivery Confirmation number and it said that they couldn't leave my package because it needed a signature. Which I instantly thought was weird because you don't need signatures with Delivery Confirmations. So I get home and there isn't even a notice or anything saying that they made an attempt. The next day they left a notice, same thing about a signature required was marked. So I go on USPS to the redelivery thing and tell them that I will never be home when they deliver so I will have to wait and pick it up on Saturday. In the meantime I had another package delivered with a DC and they left it at my door, no problem. Friday I get home and there are my squares from Indiecraft sitting at my door with a print out of the notice saying I would pick them up Saturday?! WTF?! I swear I must have multiple mail men because some of them have no problem leaving the packages that don't fit in my small ass mailbox at the door and others do. It's really irritating actually. Anyway on to the next set of squares I received.

The next bunch came from Koalascout. The rainbow yarn is so pretty and she even spoiled me with a 7th square! The best thing is that she reused a pringles container to wrap my squares in, so awesome!!

I am so happy I joined this swap and said that I didn't have any color preferences. I'm getting all different kinds of great colors!



Amy said...

Aw, I LOVE that spiral one! I must know how it's made!!! I think I might have to start collecting granny squares for an afghan myself! :)

Jamie said...

I'm sure there will be another swap on craftster for granny squares, it's a good way to get a bunch!