List 20

List 20 in the 30 Days of Lists challenge: Celebrity Crushes

In case you can't read them all the list is as follows

Johnny Depp (first thing I saw him in was Cry Baby and it was love at first sight)
Brad Pitt (only when he's dirty like in Fight Club and Snatch, I do not like pretty boy Brad Pitt)
Edward Norton
Trent Reznor
Paul Newman (in the movies, not on the salad dressing LOL)
Elijah Wood
Scott Weiland
Charlie Hunnam

I'm sure I forgot a few but these are the major ones and most of them have been since I was a teenager!

Have a great weekend friends!



Mollie said...

Salad dressing Paul Newman is the same as Movie Paul Newman.

Jamie said...

Well duh, I meant I think he's a fox in the movies, not the cartoon drawing of him on the dressing!