BBP Received

As you may or may not know I am participating in the Blogger Blanket Project hosted by the one and only Miss Courtney. There are 6 other chics in the swap and we are each making 6 squares for each other, we will all end up with a total of 36 squares. I know what you must be thinking "Didn't you just do this?!" I did something similar over on Craftster a few weeks ago (I'm actually waiting for 2 more packages of squares to receive from that swap). I had planned to make a blanket from my Craftster squares to bring to work and now I want to make another from these Blogger Blanket Squares. I couldn't really put them all together because the Craftster ones are 7" and these ones are 6". We'll see what happens once I have them all. Plus Courtney mentioned possibly doing another round so I could end up with EVEN more! Never a problem though, I know I can find an awesome use for them all; blankets, pillows, a purse...the possibilites are endless!

Anyway, I received my first package of squares!!

These gorgeous squares are from the darling Miss Heather Dawn! I was so excited when I saw the envelope in my doorway. First off she decorated the envelope with all kinds of cute doodles AND included a very sweet note. I love that the colors are all mish-mashed together. I also really like that there are colors that I probably never would have chosen myself or put together as one square. It will really make this blanket a nice collection of colors. Plus it will open my eyes to all the color possibilites in the world, not just black, red, grey, green and purple!!

I can't decide which square is my favorite but it is definitely between the yellow, pink, green, rusty orange, cream one and the blue, mustardy yellow, purple, pink, cream one. They're both such lovely combinations together! I also think these squares are wonderfully made, such good craftsmanship! Heather said that she was nervous about this swap because she doesn't crochet every day but she could have fooled me with these skills! She's so awesome, it's like she crochets ALL day =D

Thank you so, so much Heather!! You have made this an awesome start to the Blogger Blanket Project for me!



Amy said...

You are really inspiring me to make a granny afghan! I might just have to take the time and make some granny squares! And those colors are just awesome. I love them.

Jamie said...

You should!! I can't wait til I actually sew some squares together for a blanket, LOL right now all I have are squares all over the place!!

heather dawn said...

AHH!! how awesome are you! You posted these! I forgot to take pictures of yours and the last batch I send out!!! So, thank you!! I would say the second one of your favorites is my favorites! it looks so happy feeling!
do me a favor! the other squares that you get, if mine are smaller or bigger let me know! I got some today and mine are a wee bit smaller than theirs and I'm kinda worried.. ;)

Jamie said...

Of course I took pics, the squares you sent me are awesome!! I haven't gotten anymore yet but I will check the sizes for you when I do. They look about the same as the ones I've been making so I think you're ok!