More Craftster Grannies Received

I received some more lovely squares from another Craftster partner. She lives in Canada and right in the midst of the swap the Canadian post went on a strike. I can't even imagine not getting mail everyday! I'd die without my Netflix. I wonder what happens as far as people's bills, if they can't pay something online what would they do?! Personally I can't pay my rent online so I guess I would have to drive a few towns over to my landlord to give her a check, man what a hassle! I'm glad that the postal workers in Canada are back at it and I got my squares!

Here they are, the turqoise yarn is my favorite!

Have a great weekend everyone!



Trees said...

Love Love Love seeing all the granny squares!

I've just given you an award on my blog - come and check it out:)

Jessi said...

the strike was awful!! It's finally catching up now - I didn't realize how much I depend on the mail until I didn't have it

Jamie said...

Thank you so much for the award, you are awesome!!

I don't know what I would do without my mail either, I hope they never go on strike here!