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So my dears I wanted to tell you about some exercises I have been doing. Kinda weird to talk about, right? Not my normal content but that's ok. Let's get a little more personal, shall we?
I mentioned here that I had started doing exercises every day and that they are really helping with my back injury from my accident a few years ago.
I wanted to share what I have been doing. I honestly don't remember where I first saw this reposted but I saved a copy of the link to the original post on my phone and just kept the idea of it in the back of my mind.
In all the preperations for the vacation Jeremy and I are going on to Florida in a few weeks my self-concious, girl side kicked in and I wanted to workout. I haven't exercised in literally years. When I was younger I used to be really good and would go to the gym every day after work. I would run 3 miles and then take either a pilates or a yoga class, I loved it. After time I couldn't afford the gym anymore and just got lazy.

I began The Starter's Exercise Plan created and posted over on downtownn.tumblr.com This plan is really great because it is clearly designed for someone who hasn't done any sort of exercise recently. Also every day is different so it doesn't get boring. Even if the days routine takes maybe 15 minutes, I would feel pretty good about myself afterward that I had actually done it. After about a week I decided to incorporate more exercises. Just basic arm stuff one day, legs another and gut another. I started this plan on June 6th and it is a 20 Day plan. I won't lie and say I didn't skip some days because I totally did. I definitely didn't work out on Saturdays and also a few times during the week if I was being lazy or wanted to craft instead. I finished this plan on July 5th, it took me 30 days instead of 20. Not TOO shabby all things considered.

I started the Level One Exercise Plan on July 6th and I am going to try my best to have it finished by time we leave for Florida on the 29th. It's not really that I think I will look much different in my bathing suit or anything by that time, it's just a deadline I gave myself.
I've also been walking around during lunch and my afternoon break at work. I've definitely noticed that if I sit ALL day at work that my back gives me more trouble. Sitting in an office, under flourescent lights staring at a computer for 8 hours a day is horrible. I like to just get outside, feel the sun, listen to my music on Pandora and move around a bit!

If any of you are thinking of starting any kind of workout routine, I definitely recommend trying this. If not to stick to the whole thing through Level Three, at least to just get you used to exercising a little!

Have a good day kids, thanks for reading!


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