Spoon Necklace

Today is my sister, Jessie's 26th birthday. I showed you two of the things I got her from the Renegade Craft Fair last month but I also made her something. Remember a while ago I got a little drill and had plans to drill and embroidery all kinds of stuff? Well I finally drilled and embroidered my first thing as a gift for Jessie! It is a big soup spoon turned into a necklace.
Jeremy helped me drill the holes after I marked where I wanted them. He didn't realize I was making the spoon into a necklace and thought I was just going to hang it on my wall or something. He said he would have done a better job of making sure the holes were lined up correctly. I think they came out just fine. He then took the spoon to work with him and filed off all the sharp edges the holes left on the back as well as bending and cutting the handle into a loop for a chain to go through. Now that I watched him do it I'm sure I can do it myself next time. I just need to get safety glasses (his were too big on me so that is why he ended up drilling the holes), a big metal file for the rough edges left over and a clamp to hold it so I can bend the handle.
Jessie's favroite color is a burgundy, violet, redish color. I used 3 colors of thread for this spoon starting with the darkest on the left and getting slightly lighter toward the right. It's not hugely noticable that there are multiple colors but that's ok. I'm pretty stoked at how this turned out regardless!!

This is the back, I just glued some fabric on because you could see the back stitches a little when wearing it since the spoon is curved.

I just hope she likes it as much as I do!



Erin Dawn said...

That is such a good idea! You should start selling these!

Jamie said...

Aww thanks Erin! That thought had crossed my mind, I just need to work on my drilling skills and I think selling them is exactly what I'm going to do!

heather dawn said...

so cute!! even plain it would be adorable!

i'm so glad you like your granny squares! I felt kinda bad about the colors of them, because I was stash busting.. but you love them & that makes me feel better!! i can't wait to get my first set, and yours too!!

Trees said...

Such a simple idea but really striking as well - you sister will love this!

Jessi said...

oh that is really cute!!

Jamie said...

Thank you so much everyone!! You're all so awesome and supportive and encouraging, you ladies make my day!!!