Renegade Recap

Please tell me how the hell I forgot to give you guys a recap of my trip to Renegade with Liz last month?! Jeez Louise, it's down right unacceptable!!

So let me tell you...first off, it was amazing! Just crafts and crafts galore. From jewelry to crochet to clothing, housewares, paper crafts, soaps, stuffies and more!! Just oodles of amazingly talented ladies and gents selling there wares together in a park in Brooklyn.
Liz and I drove, I've driven a few times to Brooklyn but Liz offered to this time. Which is fine by me, Liz always drives and that is why she is My Captain and I am her Matey (seriously, we have shirts..this is not a joke)
We got there with no problem, there was awesome parking and we got to walking around each booth all the while Oooing and Aahing. We literally asked each other what occasions were coming up that we need presents for just so we didn't feel guilty about all the things we wanted to buy!
The weather was extremely iffy, at first it was just sprinkling here and there but eventually the sky cracked open and it freaking down poured!! Not like just a normal rain, no, it was raining effing buckets!! I felt so bad for all the booths but especially for the paper crafters, if those things got wet...UGH I can't even imagine!! It only lasted a little while though so after hiding in some booths and darting to others we were free to mosey around again.
The whole time Liz would say things like "Oh you could make this!!" "Hey, will you make me this?!" It makes me feel so awesome to have a best friend who literally believes I am the most talented crafter in the world. I mean I felt kind of awkward when the person who DID make it heard her...I would just giggle and play it off. Really though, it means so much to me that Liz loves the things I make her. I know she always appreciates them and sees how much thought and effort really goes into what I make for her. <3
One really fun thing was that Spoonflower had a booth there. They are an awesome company where you can design your own fabric! In their booth people were able to come in a use their super amazing sewing machines and make themselves a little drawstring bag. The girl running the booth asked if we wanted to learn to sew and make a bag. I already know how to sew (although now I wish I had done it just to be able to use their awesome machines.) I was so excited though beacause Liz asked if it was alright if I wait while she makes one. OF COURSE!! It was great watching someone else learning to sew and use a sewing machine . I started remembering how nervous I was when I first got my machine. I mean that first time you step on the peddle...whew!! You don't know what's going to happen!!

I of course had a spending limit while we were there but I really wanted to find a new ring for myself and a birthday present for my sister, Jessie. I had such a hard time deciding which ring to buy and just wanted to keep looking in case I found something EVEN more amazing. The funny thing is, after going to all the booths I ended up back at the very first ring I looked at by DesignErica! I was also a little nervous because it was so humid out and my fingers were swollen. Whenever it is hot and humid, I get kind of swollen and it's hard to get my rings on and off (does that happen to you?!) I really loved the honeycomb ring. Normally I wear silver jewelry...like every piece of jewelry I own with metal is silver. This ring is sort of a brushed bronze. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and it was just a smidge bit snug. I knew that once my fingers shrunk down to their normal size it would fit so I bought it!

Jessie loves to take baths. I don't get it, I'm a shower person myself but pretty much our whole lives she has loved taking baths. First I saw a bunch of adorable mounted plush dead deer heads by Cherrybox Studios that pulled me right into their booth. While I was looking around their booth I saw the Berrycorn Bloody Bubble Bath, I knew immediately that it would be perfect for Jessie!!

I also then saw a booth full of prints of animals in clothes. There is pretty much nothing more adorable than an animal in clothing...unless the animal speaks with a Britsh accent (Bedknobs & Broomsticks anyone?!) Jessie feels the same way...if not more! She watches more Disney movies and cartoons than anyone I know and references them regularly in everyday life LOL I bought her two little pins from Berkley Illustrations. One of a racoon in a brown suit and the other of a hedgehog in a blue suit with a bow tie.

Liz really likes cards so we were browsing in a booth full of them by Life with Tigers. A bunch of them had little plays on words featuring animals that I loved! I picked this one up for Jeremy. I'm holding on to it for right now until I think he'd appreciate getting a silly little card in the mail.

We got lunch near the park in the middle of the day and then on the way out we got smoothies and headed home. After being in the car for only a few minutes my allergies pretty much exploded. I was completely miserable, I couldn't breathe, kept sneezing and blowing my nose. To boot...some jerkoffs car was broken down in one of the only two lanes in the Holland Tunnel!!! We had to sit in traffic waiting to get through that damn tunnel for over an hour!! We should have already been home in that time!!
Besides that last little episode the Craft Fair was amazing! I am so envious of all the talented people, their beautiful creations and that they are selling them at a craft fair. I really need to get my ass in gear and do something similar!!!


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