Instax # 9

This ladies and gentlemen is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. Delicious, delicious Turkey Hill Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream!!

I have a terrible sweet tooth. So bad that I think I just have a whole head full of sweet teeth! It's funny too because my body lets me know if I've been eating too much sugar, I get canker sores. Gross little canker sores on the inside of my mouth. Ususally I'll use some Anbesol to help get rid of them but other times I think "This is punishment for eating all that sugar when I shouldn't have!" and I'll just let it run it's course. Slighly masochistic? Possibly!

Anyway...the two things that I love more than anything and really are the only massive amounts of sugar I will consume are ice cream and ANYTHING involving caramel. I'm positive that my affair with ice cream stems from my father. He also loves ice cream and while growing up we would always eat a little bowl of ice cream after dinner. I remember he, my sister and I all sitting on the couch stirring our ice cream until it got about the consistency of a milk shake. I have NO idea why we did that but we did it a lot. I also remember scrutinizing every scoop of ice cream my mother dished out making sure that my sister and I had perfectly even amounts! I mean there is no way I could allow my sister to have even a possible morsel more of ice cream than me!

My favorite is chocolate chip cookie dough and Turkey Hill makes the best!
I pretty much never have sweets in my house, if I don't buy it, I can't eat it. Every once in a while though, I'll splurge. Last week while grocery shopping I needed to get some pretzels for work because I kept eating my coworkers and wanted to replace them for her. What happens to be in the same aisle as pretzels at my grocery store...the ice cream!! I haven't had some in freaking forever...literally months so I splurged!! And boy oh boy am I glad I did!

Sidenote: In the background is a card Liz gave me a few years ago but was so perfect I had to frame it. It is a quote from Ozzy Osbourne "The downside of being outrageous is that you have to go around explaining your fucking self to people." So true Ozzy, so true!

Hehe! Anyway...do any of you have a serious sweet tooth? Or are you more of a salty snack kinda person?

Have a wonderful weekend!!



Sarah said...

I am most definitely a salty snacks kinda gal! Chips, popcorn, fries - die for it.

But after reading this post I am certainly cravinggg ice-cream...


Nicole Coffin. said...

I can't sleep at 5:00 on a sunday morning. So, I just ate a piece of my daughters left over birthday cake. Which I have had 2 days in a row for breakfast before that. And I'm supposed to be on a diet! Ha! So yeah, I have a crazy sweet tooth. I wake up craving it. I can usually satisfy it with a cup of coffee & French vanilla fat free coffeemate creamer, but if there is some sort of baked treat around, I can't stop myself. The logical thing to do would be to get rid of the leftovers, but that never seems to happen. I mean, most mornings I'd be way too lazy to go out for pancakes or a doughnut in the morning, you know?! If that leftover cake went into the trash, I would have grabbed the strawberries in the fridge!
I like that quote too. Too true!

Jamie said...

Sarah - have you ever eaten potato chips with ice cream?! It is amazing...same with dipping french fries in cheesecake! I know they sound crazy but it's that salty/sweet factor like choclate covered pretzels!

Nicole - I usually have hot choclate or rooibos tea with vanilla soy milk for dessert to curb my sweet tooth. If I had cake in my house I'd be eating it too! I made a pie for christmas and had 3/4 leftover and polished that off in no time at all!!

Jesse said...

I used to stir my ice cream until it was smooth too! I think I did it because my older brothers did it... but it always tasted better that way! lol

If I have ice cream, I usually have to eat some pretzels too, balance the sweet with some salty.

Megan said...

Just found your blog. My inner goth girl squee'd in delight. You are a gem, as is the Ozzy quote.
I too have a massive sweet-teeth, and have the get canker sore - complete with masochism - bit as well. I like salty, too, though, and when I overdo that, the edges of my tongue get a bit raw. I wish I had your will-power, about that and a lot of things.
Thank you for blogging.

Jamie said...

Aww thank you Megan!! I'm so glad you stopped by!