List #5

The original prompt was Weekend Goals but since it is Sunday I changed it to be This Weeks Goals.

I used colored pencils again to make it look like a lined piece of paper. It totally reminds me of my notebooks in school so I decided to doodle all over it like I would have back then =D

I have to finish the book before Sunday for our Book Club meeting. It's a really good book but it's 566 pages, whew!!

We have overtime available at work right now, allegedly for the next 3 weeks. I'm not so sure it will last that long so I'm going to suck it up as much as I can for now! I need to save for Florida!

I have to clean out my closet. I have two closets, one is small and I keep all my linens, kitchen cleaning stuff and other odds and ends I can't fit anywhere else. I have a normal sized one that I have clothes hanging in, all my shoes, laundry basket, air conditioner, christmas decorations, extra blankets, etc. I just need to clean out what I don't wear or need anymore to make space! It's a disaster!

I want to go to Joanns to get some nice springy fabric to make some buntings (one that you could possibly win!!) and I want to dye these lace curtains I got a few weeks ago. They're just white but it's so boring!

I also need to go to the mall to get another pair of jeans and some undies!

Oh and most importantly...enjoy all the time I do get to spend with Jeremy. I see him every Thursday and Saturday. Not much else because he works so much =(

I hope you lovelies are enjoying your weekend!


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