Lists 6 & 7

More Listy Lists! List # 6 - Least Favorite Words

I didn't want to make this page very pretty or anything. I wanted to keep it unappealing since it is about my least favorite words. The first 3 all pretty self explanitory I think. Panties, Moist and Puss...those words just make my skin crawl for some reason! Now on to a nicer looking page! #7 Blog Goals. Would you believe I don't have internet at home?! I don't!! I do all this either at work or at the library on my laptop. Yes, I have a laptop but no internet. It's totally backwards I realize!!

Sometime I'm affraid my true personality doesn't come through on my blog. I edit myself a bit. I curse a lot in real life, I even type my posts with all the curses in it but then I delete them so I don't offend anyone. Also, I'm ridiculously sarcastic. I mean to the point that people who don't know me just think I'm a bitch! I don't really show you guys that side either.

I want a new blog design. The owls are cute but I don't like that it is a template that anybody can also have. Plus, it's a tad too cutsey for me. I do like owls but I like creepy, dark, halloweeny ones, not really cute ones. It's to bright also, I'm more into dark, monochromatic colors like black and grey with maybe a splash of color.

I just started making a list (oh the irony) of blog posts I want to do for about the next 2 weeks! I'm pretty stoked and feel a slight weight off my shoulders. Not that blogging is at all stressful for me but I just like to have things planned out. So now I can use the scheduling feature a lot more! Also on a happy side note, my camera is fixed!! I took the batteries out for a few hours, put em back in and WaLa! Signature

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