Lists 8 & 9

List number 8 is the always fun "What's in your bag?" Mine is full of pretty much all essential stuff for me.

Number 9 is a list of my favorite websites. I could have added blogs but there are just too many!

So those are my lists, I'm all caught up!

On a side note I blew a fuse so all the lights on the one side of my apartment are out. It's really annoying because it is in the living/bedroom, where I always am! The fuse box is in the basement but only the guy in the 1st floor apartment can get into the basement. The landlord was going to email him because apparently he doesn't have a phone, awesome... I really hope he does it today! Ahh the joys of apartment living!



Jessi said...

I have been so addicted to Ravelry now that I am knitting!

Jamie said...

Soon as I started crocheting it was like love at first sight with Ravelry ha!

Anonymous said...

Ow, many of your favorite websites are mine too!!!