List #3

I'm so happy I took this project on. I totally look forward to it every day now!! I did laundry last night and then dishes and had no desire to work on any of my WIP crafts BUT THEN I remembered the lists!! This was a quick easy, peasy one!

The red is felt with a design sort of stamped onto it. I bought it over the holidays wanting to make little felt ornaments but I never did =/
Things I am looking forward to...

Florida Vacation in August. Jeremy's mom bought a time share last year and invited us to go down to Daytona Beach the first week of August. Although the sun and I don't generally get along because I am white as a ghost, I do love to just lay on the beach under a giant umbrella and listen to the ocean. I've been looking up fun things to do like a deep sea fishing trip (I probably won't fish, I'll just hang out on the boat while he does), Parasailing, Jet Skiing (I'm sort of scared of this) and a airboat ride to look for alligators!!

Camping at the Cabin. A friend of mine invited us up to her familys cabin in the Poconos next month! They own half a mountain and we are going to camp all weekend! I looove camping! We've always just done normal tent camping in the woods. Growing up that was our vacations and then as I got older I like to go with friends. There's something so refreshing about hanging out in the woods, swimming in lakes, hiking around, drinking and cooking over a fire, sleeping under the stars and waking up with the sun. Amazing!!

I still have to get my car fixed...it's being a jerk!

Rib Tattoo! I'm waiting to hear back from the artist right now but I am sooo stoked. I've been wanting this tattoo for almost 3 years now and FINALLY have the loot to spare!

Finding out about my job. So remember when I was hoping to get laid off and work part time and start my crafty biz. Well I'm not getting laid off, I was offered another position in the company but I have NO details as to when that will start, what my shift will be, etc. It's very annoying!!

Sunshine!! Holy shit I am sick of snow and ice and cold weather!!!!

Finishing my Granny Square Afghan. I've been slacking on it but I know I'll finish it soon!

Going down the shore. Just another fun summer activity. Walking along the boardwalk and laying under a big umbrella on the beach.

So that's some of what I'm looking foward to right now!



Rachel (RooPaprika) said...

That sounds like a pretty good list to be looking forward to, though I am sorry you are having job trouble. Must be so annoying not having any clarity. That's a pretty inconsiderate way to treat people.

I'm enjoying people's 30 days of lists. It's a really great project

Jamie said...

It's SO inconsiderate!! Especially because the shift can be anywhere from 7am to 9pm and a lot of people can't work certain hours (like those with kids, I have no excuse tho). We're sort of stuck in limbo until we find out. Do we stay or look for another job? UGH!
At least I've got camping and florida to look forward to!