List #2

I'm loving the 30 Days of Lists project. It brings just a little creativity into my day. I haven't been feeling very crafty lately so this will hopefully recharge my batteries so to speak!

Things I'm Good At...

I love the sticker on the bottom, it's supposed to be like a spooky fence. It came in a pack of Halloween stickers. The white one on top is just the backing from the sticker =D
Also I can't find my glue stick!!! It's driving me crazy so I've been just using elmer's glue. Which I don't mind but isn't very good for paper because sometimes it gets wrinkley, ya know?! I have to make a Joanns run this weekend for fabric (spring bunting in the future!!) and I HAVE to remember to get a new one!

I woke up to snow today. Terrible. I'm over snow, I want sunshine and warm weather! I totally have the winter blues and just want to get outside already!
Have a good day my lovelies!



Sarah said...

Love your page and the spooky Halloween sticker fence, haha.

Every week I'm trying to track down my glue stick (or scissors)! Those things never want to be found!

Anonymous said...

I wish I was good at sewing :(
One day I will get there!

Jamie said...

OMG I'm always losing scissors too and I have 3 pairs!!

I wasn't always good at sewing...just ask my sister and ex who got quite a few wonky sewn gifts LOL after a few years of trial and error I got better, you can do it!!