List #4

Today's Playlist

Totally lame but I didn't really listen to any music yesterday. Only on the way home and this is all I remember.
Also, that is some sheet music from an old newspaper, 1948 to be exact!



Courtney said...

I love that sheet music! I wonder what song it is from. It seems easy enough to play!

~~kym~~ said...

the sheet music is cool...
zz top, i saw them in concert in like 1984 ~ yikes.

Jamie said...

Courtney - the sheet music is 'Valse Bluette' by R. Drigo and is a simplified arrangement edited by Jascha Heifets. There aren't any words, I think it's a waltz.

Kym - I'm completely jealous that you saw zz top!! My dad loves them so growing up we listened to them a ton and his band now (they cover all kinds of rock songs) does a couple of their songs which is awesome!