Instax #8

So I completely forgot about my 52 Photos in 52 Weeks Project!!! I cleaned up my apartment and put my camera in a drawer and well...like they say 'Out of sight, Out of mind'.
Anyway...back on track, here is number 8!

I had to repot my plant from work last night and I love it sooo much. This is him. He started out as a cutting from a coworkers plant. I've had him since before Christmas and he started out as only 5 leaves and look at him now!!

I grew up in a house FULL of plants. My mother has quite a green thumb and even when we lived in little apartments, we had a garden with veggies growing on the deck and house plants everywhere inside! Now she has a giant green house, a huge veggie garden, a cute little English garden in front of the kitchen, a lily garden on the outside of the green house and a shade garden along her fence. When I have a house one day, I will definitely have gardens!!
Anyway...when I moved into my first apartment, I decided I needed tons of my own plants! My Mom gave me lots of cuttings from her own plants to grow and then I bought a few of my own. She even gave me a huge Mother in Law's Tongue plant that was older then me!! In my first apartment, all my plants thrived and I loved them all so much.
Then my sister and I got an apartment together and all of my plants died. It was so depressing, it was definitely something in that apartment. All my plants got some kind of fungus or mold or something, after a year...they were all dead. So for the 4 years we lived there, we had no plants. I just had a little English Ivy at work to bring some green into my life. Then a coworker of mine said that she would give me some cuttings of her Devil's Ivy and I was ecstatic!! So here he is just a few months later. He outgrew the original pot (well not really, that one was just ugly). Plus I really love these kind of self watering planters. There's a little spout thingy at the bottom and you just pour the water into the hidden resevoir, that way you don't risk over watering your plant. One of the top ways to kill a plant is by over watering! Which I totally learned when I was a newbie house plant owner. Anyway...this wondeful plant has reminded me that I should try and get some plants into my new apartment (well not so new, April 1 will be one year!) It is one of my goals this month to get at least one plant for home, if not more!
Do you guys have any house plants!?


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Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

I often get to the end of the night before I realise that I haven't taken a photo for my 365 challenge - naughty!

Oh and I don't have any house plants - I pretty much kill everything I try to grow.