Zombie Magnets

Another thing I made for Jeremy's birthday were these cute little zombie magnets. I had seen the pattern a few times on Craftster and decided to make him some. The pattern is from NeedleNoodles. I used that plastic weave stuff and then sewed a piece of felt on the backs and stuck little magnets I found at Joanns between the back of the plastic and the felt.

That pattern is only for the guy so I just changed the hair to make a girl one too. The magnets are surprisingly strong which made me happy because that means Jeremy can actually use the magnets instead of just have them on the fridge for decoration.

Have a fabulous Wednesday!



Erin D said...

These kinda remind me of stamps too...very awesome!
(PS...do you have a button? I wouldn't mind grabbing one!)

Amy said...

I love these!!! They're so super cute!!!

Trees said...

Wow! I love creepy cute and these tick both boxes:D

iZombie said...

Just drive by blogging today, and my wheels stopped here. Great site!

Jamie said...

Thanks everyone!
Erin - I don't have a button, I made the image but I didn't actually make it a button...it's on my to do list though!
Maybe this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm in indie biz also! Just followed you on twitter-love your 'crafty sob' tagline. So funny! Following you now!