Stupid Camera

So my step sister, Karyn and her husband Keith had a baby in January. She's my first neice, the first grandbaby, everything!! When I went to visit them in the hospital my step mom, Lonnie asked me if I would paint a piggy bank for the baby, Lindsay. She had a stock pile of these giant porcelain piggy banks that she got from her sister or something and this was the last one. Lindsay's whole nursery is done in a red and black ladybug theme. Lonnie wanted me to put Lindsay's name and all her birth info, date, time, weight and length. I had put this off and put it off for 2 months!! After doing it, I have no idea why. I guess I just wasn't 100% satisfied with the ideas I had for it. Once I was done with it I really liked it though and it was way easier than I anticipated.
I saw everyone this past Saturday at one of my Dad's band's gigs so Friday night I hunkered down and painted the big piggy up. I put 4 ladybugs on it total, 2 big ones toward the back, a medium one on the right frontish side and smaller one on the left front. On the left side I wrote her name in red kiddish kind of handwriting with little black dots all around the letters to make it look like the ladybugs walked around the letters. Each ladybug had black dots showing a path where they had come from, out of the money slot, from the underneath and around the tail. Then I put her birth info under her name.
I wish I had pictures. My camera is being a total jerk right now and not taking pictures, it says "Card Locked!" but the card isn't locked!! I was trying to find the manual but I didn't finish the piggy until about 1:30am and then had to get up at 8:00am to go get my brakes done before leaving for my Dad's at 11. So...no pictures.
I did get to feed Lindsay and hold her for such a long time! I've never known a tiny little baby before, none of my friends, cousins, siblings, etc. have any kids yet. It was so amazing to feed her and hold her and burp her and bounce her on my knee! Of course a few people made comments about when will Jeremy and I have one of our own, we just sort of laughed it off. We know what we're doing in our relationship and kids are not happening yet!!

Anyway...I do think that this project is one of the reasons my crafting has come to a complete hault. Everytime I wanted to start something new I wouldn't let myself because I kept thinking "I have to do that pig first!" So now it's done and I have a whole slew of crafts to work on!

Here's hoping you all are having a lovely Monday!



Citizen K said...

sounds like your memory card is locked, friend! If you take it out of your camera there's a little slider on the memory card. Move it to unlock the card. I hope it's a simple fix, I'd love to see a little ladybug themed piggy! (I <3 ladybugs)

Ashley said...

I'm getting my first painted piggy bank soon and I am so excited for it!

Sounds like yours went well! Hoping to see pictures of it soon. Good luck with the card/camera!

Erin Dawn said...

GAH! My camera is being a total a-hole at the moment too. It doesn't want to focus. I'm losing my mind!