My First Guest Post!

So last week the wonderful Allison from over on Crafted Love asked her readers if anyone had any spring cleaning tips or tutorials for a feature she started the first day of Spring and will be going to the end of the month.

I quick hopped on the opportunity because I had JUST cleaned a bunch of my tarnished silver jewelry. I had some more stuff to clean and thought it would be a useful tutorial for everyone, especially since it's so easy!

So go check it out now! Spring Cleaning: Cleaning Tarnished Jewelry



~~kym~~ said...

Yay...very awesome!!

Sarah said...

Aw, I'm doing my first guest post next week! I'm so excited.:)

I'm going to go check yours out right now. ♥

Jamie said...

It was so fun and the best part is that the post was something that may be actually useful to people =D